Lifestyle Laser

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Are these material good for outside?
A. Yes they sure are. They can be in full weather and full sun.
Q. Do I have to paint or seal them?
A. No you dont have to do anything, its all be done for you prior to it leaving the workshop.
Q. Do you do custom sizing?
A. Yes we sure do . Its easy just measure the distance you want to cover and send that to us. We will work out the rest for you. Click here to request a quote>
Q. Can you do a customer design?
A. Yes you can send us an image or a design and we will create a screen that blends. This is great for designers and stylists.
Q. Do we deliver Australia wide or Overseas?
A. Yes we certainly do. Just click on the request a quote with your order details and sizes and we will contact our supplier and get a quote.
Q. Do you make Gates?
A. Yes we have a team of fabricators that can weld our screens into aluminium farmae and then powder coat it for you. Click here and send us your idea. we can fabricate just about anything you can draw.
Q. Do you powder coat the screens.
A. Yes we can have your job powder coated whether it be just one screen or a series of fabricated doors,gates and panels. No job is to small or to large.
Q. How do I install my screen.
A. Installing your screen will depend on the type of material but as a general rule you can glue them or screw them. It really is easy.