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About Us

Our Company Director Drew Krueger saw a need to take imported furniturone step further and offer something truly special to its customers and hence the House of Imports was born.

Our journey is to source the best pieces of furniture and home wares from around the world and import them directly to our stores to enable you to enjoy these natural handmade pieces in your home. This journey is our passion.

Since the opening of the founding store in Warners Bay NSW, House of Imports has grown into a successful household name. House of Imports has now also opened its second store in Kanwal on the Central Coast.


House of Imports is not like other imported furniture stores throughout Australia. Having been in the business for some time, House of Imports is proud to manufacture all of the products seen online ourselves.  

That’s what makes us different, special, and keeps our quality well above our competition and our prices extremely competitive.

We have learnt that if we don’t manufacture it, we can’t guarantee it.

Don’t risk buying from other Importers and here are 4 reasons why!     

  • They do not know the individuals who make the pieces of furniture as they only deal with resellers. 
  • They don’t know if the timber has been kiln dried and is plantation hardwood or hardwood at all.  
  • They don’t guarantee or stand-by their products and often blame the purchaser for defects like splits or bad fabrication.
  • They don’t live in the overseas communtities where the pieces of furniture originate and do not have infrastructure there. They fly out, quickly buy stock from reseller and fly home.

House of Imports has over 65 staff working full time to mill, kiln dry and fabricate the beautiful range of furniture you see online today. Our People, Our Products, Our Passion.

We only use the best mahogany hardwood timber from sustainable plantations which is then kiln dried to remove any moisture before manufacturing begins. This timber is then hand crafted into exquisite pieces using craftsmanship styles from different countries including but not limited to China, Morocco and Java.